This Champ Craft playset is BOXED and is available for the Do It Yourselfer who wants to build their own playset for the children.


3 sets available.

Outdoor Fun for Everyone

Little Gem


4’ Tower, Canopy, 3 position Attachment beam, 8’ Wave slide. Rock Climb, Hand Grips, 2 sling swings, trapeze with rings. 2 Flags


Dimensions: 10’ L x 11’ W

Retail $650.00

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Childhood Treasure


4’ Tower, 3 Position Attachment Beam, 8’ Wave Slide, Ladder Rock Climb, Cargo Net, 2 sling swings, trapeze bar, steering wheel, telescope, Hand grips, 4 flags


Dimensions: 14’ L x 12’ W

Retail $995.00

Boredom Buster


5’ Tower, 4 position Attachment Beam, 10’ Wave Slide, Steps, Big Rock Climb, 3 sling swings, Trapeze bar, canopy, 4 Flags, Steering Wheel, Telescope, Hand Grips.


Dimensions: 19’ L x 14’ W

Retail $1,450.00

#4210 Little Gem small #4250 Childhood Treasure small #4280 Boredom Buster small